The Challenges in the World of PCB

From Design to Manufacture

The challenges to board design have increased over the past few decades – the advent of SOC (System On Chip) made possible by the phenomenal growth in the number of transistors  that can be packed onto an IC today (Moore’s Law ) has not decreased but rather increased board complexity as more and more features are required to keep pace with the rigors of the market place – who would have thought that twenty years ago we would be able to easily carry around a device that can support mobile communications, connect to a world-wide network of computers, stream video, contain all your lifetime’s music, have more processing power than the computers that took man to the moon and all that contained in a box that is only 6cm by 12cm and a few millimeters thick.


The need to innovate, regardless of the industry segment, is constant. Whether it is to be first to deliver to market the next generation mobile phone, computer tablet or the need to develop systems that enable ground breaking medical advances, the overwhelming factor is that the products need to do more, they need to do it faster and they need to be smaller; oh yes and of course in a more cost effective manner. This necessary evolution does not come without any risk – although a mobile phone is not a safety critical device and does have to function un-interrupted for 25 years - bad  quality can lead to returns to base which in turn can have a major effect on the company’s reputation and therefore bottom line.

In this dynamic landscape each company needs to remove as much risk from the design process as possible and plans etc can be defined to achieve this goal.  Training the design team in new procedures, partnering with consultants or outsourcing areas of the design process are all viable solutions to kick starting the team, accelerating the development process and reduce the risk factor.

Keeping pace with this trend can leave you breathless – the next innovation brings with it new design challenges requiring solutions that forces the design team to acquire fresh skills and there is generally no time to learn these new techniques. Having the ability to call-in the relevant expertise at the right time is crucial to successfully meeting your project timescale and objectives. Whether this is hand-holding or complete solutions having access to a network of partners who can solve the problem in parallel can make all the difference between hitting and missing the target deadlines.

Companies no longer have the luxury of protracted development time. Where historically the design team could build quality into the product during the prototype through to evaluation and ultimately onto production phases many of these stages no longer exist or if they do they are carried out as parallel processes through outsourcing the rapid-prototype. For all modern-day designs quality and reliability has to be built in from day one, knowledge of the DFF, DFA and DFT considerations has to be taken into account from the definition of footprints through to the finished product.

Total Board Solutions has an exceptional reputation of producing high quality PCB designs across a broad range of customers. Our designers have many years of experience in both layout techniques as well as board related technologies.

As part of our solution we are able to offer both an onsite and offsite design capability which enables you to free up your own resources, both designers and licenses, during times of work overload and continue to meet the aggressive timescales.  

Outsourcing to TBS, whether to address the peaks and troughs in the workload or to take advantage of our expertise, gives you instant access to a wealth of PCB knowledge across a broad spectrum of board technologies and design disciplines. Whichever approach you decide to take we will seamlessly fit into your design process.

To discuss your PCB Design requirements, without obligation, please contact us.

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