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Too Hot To Handle?

pcb thermal management


Finding thermal issues at the qualification stage severely compromises the product delivery dates. Potential thermal problems should be identified early in the design cycle starting at the component placement stage so that you can be certain that no issues will occur further down the design cycle. You also then need to be certain that the board will not cause any other thermal problems when placed with the complete unit. If there ate thermal problems that need to be resolved a solution needs to be found early on in the design cycle. But how can this be accomplished?


There are a number of thermal packages on the market at the moment but they are all quite expensive. You also need to understand the data required by these tools to get the correct results. Once you have the results you need to understand and interpret them so that you have the experience to know how to resolve the thermal issues. All of this could require a large time investment and financial outlay for your company.

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