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How To Solve Your Thermal Issues


PCB heat transfer PCB fluid dynamics

Total Board Solutions Ltd have an expert in solving heat transfer and fluid dynamics problems. He has over 15 years experience in this field and is qualified up to doctorate level, he has written many white papers and presented at a number of seminars. His services have been utilised by many different areas of the industry such as transport, medical, LED, telecom, aviation and many others.

The services we can offer include analysing your system with top of the range Computational Fluid Dynamics software and providing detail thermal reports on risk avoidance and management. We also aid our clients with cost, space and weight restriction studies including innovative design solutions.

We work closely with our clients to optimise their designs and products and also to meet both design and customer requirements. Thermal analysis ranges from deice characterisation right up to enclosure and system level anaylsis whilst also considering our clients environmental boundary conditions.

We can provide you with added value by reducing your project time scales with robust thermal design analysis and solutions by some of the following services :-

Optimising your designs and product :

  • Investigating design alternatives.
  • Determine thermal margins.
  • Optimising material selections.
  • Analysing thermal coupling.
  • Weight and cost reduction instigations.

Risk assesment :

  • Analysing managing thermal margins.
  • Providing robust thermal designs with recommendations.
  • Reducing project time scales by up front risk analysis.

Designing to meet your environmental requirements :

  • Designing for altitude and solar load.
  • Designing for indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Natural and forced convection assessments.
  • Convection, conduction and radiation analyses.

To discuss your thermal requirements, without obligation, please contact us.