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PCB Glossary


Track/Trace: The name given to the copper that connects two or more component pins together. The width of the copper track depends upon many factors, including the components used, the signal's electrical requirements and the current that the trace will have to carry. The fabricators will also stipulate a minimum track size depending upon the technology of the design.

TSOP: Thin Small Outline Package - Rectangular Integrated circuit surface mount package that has pins on 2 sides of the device which are formed using the Gull-Wing pattern. The pin-pitch for these devices can go as low as 0.5mm/20thou. The leads are placed along the width (shortest length) of the component. These packages are very low profile, normally about 1.0mm/40thou, and are widely used in slimline applications such as memory devices for laptop computers.

Via: A via is the way that a electrical connection or trace changes from one layer of a PCB to another. Vias are essentially a hole with a thin coating of copper applied to the barrel to provide the electrical connection. Holes can be created in a number of ways including mechanical drilling, laser drilling as well as plasma etching.