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Flexible circuit boards and environment temperatures

Benefits of flexible circuit boards

A truely great concept and a new world of applications ! Though currently available in a primative form high end application are curtailed in practicality by temperature. Its not just the circuits board technology but the other materials as well that need to be developed for great leaps forward; for example thermoset adhesives before we can get really creative in the electronics industry

The environment - extreme cold making most materials brittle or high temperature which can melt the boards, adhesive and even the metals in the circuits.

The big boys, the such like Dupont, are looking at the problem of tensile strength i.e. the mechanical properties of PCB boards as well as the dielectric strength – the electrical property and their ability in dealing with extreme temperatures.

Approaches of laminating copper foil directly to polymide removing thermoset adhesives is pushing the boundaries. New approaches add complications to the process technologies – micoetching copperfoil then laminating to coverlays or bondpiles for a clad board layout gets quite complicated. But the results are producing circuit bards operating in temperatures of upto 180 degree celcius that can bend !

Obviously to get this technology in the main stream testing and ratings need to be standardized – adding reality of believed lab rating with actual performance/environment ratings. We at TBS obviously look forward to new challenging demand from our clients that with new polyimide clads, coverlays and bondpiles pcb board will achieve true performance in extreme temperature environments.

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