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Harness Professional Services from Experienced Designers Design, Fabrication and Assembly

We offer a complete printed circuit design service that supports your company in every aspect of the design process. We pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating into your company adopting your procedures to ensure smooth product development.
The following services form part of the complete TBS solution but we are happy to provide only those elements that meet your needs please contact us to find out more.

PCB Design Service

Our experienced designers have many years of solving a diverse range of PCB design challenges. We are adept at taking your design requirements and delivering a solution that meets your needs; whether it is using your schematic or creating the data ourselves, we ensure that the design intent is accurately captured a large part of which are the constraints which include placement and routing restrictions etc. Our design team are focused on producing cost effective designs which are as easy as possible to fabricate and assemble while not compromising the design requirements.

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Library Development

TBS can create all the data needed to support your library, symbols, footprints and parts data information. We create the data to your company specific requirements or we create and maintain the library to IPC standards for use within your design flow.

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Schematic Capture

We are happy to produce schematic diagrams from your supplied data to your company standards. However the data is supplied, PDFs to scraps of paper, working with your design team we ensure that the design functionality is captured accurately and efficiently.

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PCB 'Black Box' Design

TBS offers a complete design service; you supply a schematic on a scrap of paper and we will hand you back the designed, fabricated and fully assembled board. Our excellent links with both fabricators and manufactures enables us to smooth the process providing a product that meets your specifications.

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We have a vast experience in circuit board design across all aspects of the design process. Our expertise includes:

  • • PCB design, manufacture and assembly
  • • Library management – Process control and configuration
  • • RF and high-speed layout design techniques
  • • PCB Design Training
  • • Software transition between flows

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Software Migration

With our many years of design and software experience we are ideally placed to help you transition between software packages.

With our many years of design and software experience we are ideally placed to help you transition between software packages.

Our expertise with both the BoardStation and Expedition suite of tools enables us to guide you through the process, from the all important planning stage to test projects and final implementation.
Many companies see this as an ideal time to evolve their design process - we are perfectly equipped to help you through this procedure.

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Let TBS take the hassle out of PCB design and fabrication.